Our mode of operation and our products are unique. In a wide variety of environments spanning five continents, Ecological’s technologies have a proven track record of optimizing natural environmental processes to restore water quality and promote sustainability among a wide variety of market sectors that take restoration and remediation seriously.
Who we are...
Ecological Laboratories Inc. is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures novel, proprietary, liquid microbial formulations that are capable of solving many of the most challenging environmental problems facing the world today. On its two-acre campus in Cape Coral, Florida, Ecological's state of the art research and manufacturing facility focuses its growing team of microbiologists and chemists on providing advanced, cost-effective solutions. Our team has developed superior technologies in bacteria culture selection and bio-product formulations dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of the world’s waterways and agricultural lands.
Modern State of the Art Laboratories

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. products and technologies are backed and supported by a modern well equipped and highly sophisticated R&D laboratory. It is equipped with the latest evaluation methodologies, and staffed by PhD and Masters Level Microbiologists, Chemists, and highly qualified laboratory assistance.

We use the most up to date laboratory equipment available

  • Ultra-modern Genetic Sequencing and Analysis
  • DNA Amplification
  • Real Time PCR
  • Anaerobic Chamber
  • Nucleic Acid Quantification
  • Two ELI Culture Banks
  • Essential fermenters

Supporting lab equipment such as microscopes, chemical determination units, and necessary laboratory protective hoods. Operating in a protected laboratory environment with positive air pressure, and HEPA filter air recirculation, offering a protected environment for work and R&D projects and evaluations.

Environmental Solutions

Ecological Laboratories provides breakthrough, environmentally friendly solutions for the treatment of open water pollution, soil remediation, municipal and industrial wastewater, agricultural waste, odor control, composting, and crop yield enhancement.

  • We develop and manufacturer novel, proprietary liquid microbial formulations.
  • We clean polluted water and re-mediate polluted and damaged soil.
  • We accelerate the natural ecosystem processes and provide environmentally friendly and sustainable water management solutions.
  • We clean and treat soil with pro-biotic formulations and improve plant processes, reduce groundwater pollution and harmful runoff and improve agricultural productivity.

Wastewater Treatment

Ecological Laboratories, MICROBE-LIFT® bio-technology products are the ideal choice to improve wastewater treatment processes. Our formulation’s superior capabilities are proven to breakdown waste, reduce toxic and corrosive gases, and significantly reduce sludge, MICROBE-LIFT® drives down costs, increases operational efficiency, and assists in the achievement of regulatory compliance. The unique consortium of microbes in MICROBE-LIFT® combine with indigenous populations to provide a bio-system that enhances the natural elemental cycles responsible for processing wastewater in a wide variety of systems. MICROBE-LIFT® enhances biomass efficiency and stability in wastewater treatment systems with bio-technology designed to breakdown, oxidize and remove difficult to degrade waste.

Ecological Laboratories Inc. with over 44 years experience in the enhancement of environmental processes, MICROBE-LIFT® products are the most cost effective means for treating large volumes of water for the removal of dissolved organics.

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Ecosystem Restoration

Ecological Laboratories network of In-Field Water Treatment Experts have restored both man made and natural bodies of water including retention and drainage ponds, streams and rivers, estuaries and municipal water management operations worldwide for over 40 years.

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology for the 100% natural restoration of health, quality, and ecological balance to polluted waterways including….

• Ponds
• Rivers & Streams
• Retention Ponds
• Estuaries
• Municipal Waterways

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology is the best choice for achievement of….

• Cost Efficiency
• Environmental Safety
• Superior Biological Sludge Removal
• Toxins & Pollutants Removal
• Elimination of Odor
• Restoration of Aquatic Life
• Digestion & Recycling of Organic Wastes

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Farm Waste Management

We provide unmatched biotechnology to enhance farm waste management at all levels of manure containment with multiple befits for barns, pits, increased fertilizer value, odor elimination and increased crop yields.

Our MICROBE-LIFT® products are the ideal choice to improve farm waste management. With unparalleled capabilities to breakdown waste, reduce toxic gases, and improve manure handling, MICROBE-LIFT® drives down costs, increases operational efficiency, provide return on investment and support regulatory compliance.

The unique consortium of microbes in MICROBE-LIFT® combine with indigenous populations to provide a bio-system that enhances the natural elemental cycles responsible for processing manure. MICROBE-LIFT® products will reduce corrosion, pump-out time and pit solids while improving manure nutrient values and controlling odor in the barn and on application. With the additional benefit of producing higher value fertilizer containing a microbial population that improves soil biology. MICROBE-LIFT® provides added benefits by contributing to plant health and yield.

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Ecological Laboratories’ aquaculture products represent the most environmentally compatible approach to handling common aquaculture problems. The reason for this is simple. All waste, particularly organic, must be recycled in nature order to continually replenish the critical building blocks of life.

Ecological Laboratories’ MICROBE-LIFT® aquaculture products contain a full consortium of bacteria, including aerobic, facultative, anaerobic, chemotropic and photosynthetic species and may contain enzymes and vital nutrients to accelerate natural processes. Our aquaculture products are 100% natural and are safe for humans, wildlife, aquatic life and the environment. Ecological’s products contain no GMOs.

Using our technologies shrimp farmers and fish processors will experience cleaner water while at the same time be able to recycle waste as a food source and increase yield in the growing process. Result… improved cost and operational efficiencies, and higher profits.

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Composting is an aerobic, auto-thermophilic biological process, designed to reduce the volume of biodegradable organic waste by converting a portion of the carbon to carbon dioxide through respiration.  Ecological Laboratories formulations are easy to incorporate into most composting processes. Our products are highly stable preparations of bacteria that includes aerobic heterotrophs (several of which are thermophiles), facultative anaerobes, anaerobes, chemosynthetic and photosynthetic organisms capable of accelerating many biological processes.

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Direct Fed Microbial

The use of beneficial bacteria is necessary to reduce the growth of intestinal pathogens and positively influence the immune system of various livestock. This will lead to better animal health and performance. Probiotics have multiple modes of action and global benefits for swine, poultry, cattle and aquaculture. Ecological Laboratories, Inc’s (ELI’s) biologically active formula contains a proprietary blend of bacterial strains that were selected for optimum enzyme production, assuring efficient breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and fats. Our Direct Feed Microbial Blends lead to better feed conversion, faster finishing times, and less waste in your system.

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Ecological Laboratories has successfully supplied the Industrial, Environmental, Agricultural and Wastewater sectors with environmentally friendly and sustainable energy producing solutions to their waste management operations. Ecological Laboratories bacterial formulations are extremely efficient in stabilizing and maximizing the anaerobic digestion processes in the digester. Concurrent reductions in sludge and increases in biogas for energy has been a performance factor in most cases.

Cow manure will produce methane biogas via anaerobic digestion. By converting cattle manure into methane biogas instead of letting it decompose, global warming gases could be reduced by 99 million metric tons. Biogas is a sustainable resource because its production is continuous, and does not result in net increases of carbon dioxide.

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Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Unveils Revamped Pro-Pump Brand, Empowering Professional Pumpers with Advanced Microbial Accelerator Solutions
Cape Coral, FL - Ecological Labs, a pioneer in sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of the revamped Pro-Pump brand. Starting August 1, pumpers worldwide will have access to a professional-grade microbial accelerator, transforming septic systems, grease traps, drainfields, and related septic markets. The revitalized Pro-Pump br… Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Unveils Revamped Pro-Pump Brand, Empowering Professional Pumpers with Advanced Microbial Accelerator Solutions
Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Revolutionizes Bio-Dredging and Weed Prevention in Ponds and Lakes, Setting a New Standard in Sustainable Aquatic Solutions
Cape Coral, FL Microbe-Lift by ELI BioScience proudly unveils its groundbreaking technology for bio-dredging and weed prevention in ponds and lakes. Powered by Microbe-Lift's advanced natural microbial consortium, this approach fosters ecological balance and reduces reliance on aquatic herbicides. Microbe-Lift/PBL, an exceptionally stable liquid consortium, distinguishes itself through its u… Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Revolutionizes Bio-Dredging and Weed Prevention in Ponds and Lakes, Setting a New Standard in Sustainable Aquatic Solutions
Ecological Labs Revolutionizes Biogas Generation with Cutting-Edge Biological Portfolio
Cape Coral, FL - Ecological Laboratories, Inc., a pioneering developer of sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking portfolio, "Biogas Series" by ELI BioSciences. This portfolio is designed to revolutionize the waste-to-energy proposition by significantly increasing biogas generation and electricity output in anaerobic digesters and l… Ecological Labs Revolutionizes Biogas Generation with Cutting-Edge Biological Portfolio
"Ecological Laboratories uses a proprietary method of manufacturing that is unique and unmatched by our competitors. Attempts have failed to duplicate our product and it's superior performance results in exceeding most acceptable environmental parameters. Often imitated, Ecological Laboratories still produces and makes available the world's best bio-remediation products".
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