Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Revolutionizes Bio-Dredging and Weed Prevention in Ponds and Lakes, Setting a New Standard in Sustainable Aquatic Solutions

Cape Coral, FL

Microbe-Lift by ELI BioScience proudly unveils its groundbreaking technology for bio-dredging and weed prevention in ponds and lakes. Powered by Microbe-Lift’s advanced natural microbial consortium, this approach fosters ecological balance and reduces reliance on aquatic herbicides.

Microbe-Lift/PBL, an exceptionally stable liquid consortium, distinguishes itself through its unique blend of bacteria. This comprehensive microbial technology restores the health of ponds and lakes by utilizing multiple pathways, including aerobic and anaerobic oxidation reduction, anoxic respiration for denitrification, and photosynthetic microorganisms for lysis control.

Complementing the Microbe-Lift/PBL solution is Microbe-Lift/SA, a liquid bio-stimulant enriched with humic and fulvic acid, and a diverse culture blend. This accelerates the oxidation reduction of challenging organic matter, expediting the restoration process. Doug Dent, Chief Technology Officer at ELI BioScience highlights, “Our technology typically results in an average reduction of 6-12 inches of bottom sludge in lake and pond environments over a 6-12 month period.” Customers have experienced significant cost savings compared to dredging bids through the Ecological biological program.

The exceptional benefits of Microbe-Lift technology include:

  • Reduction in Herbicide Usage: Integrating Microbe-Lift technology reduces herbicide usage in lakes and ponds by 60 to 90% over 24 months, resulting in reduced weed pressure and decreased reliance on herbicides.
  • Bottom Sludge Degradation and Prevention: Microbe-Lift technology targets and degrades organic bottom sludge, restoring water quality and clarity.
  • Organic Nutrient Load Reduction: Microbe-Lift technology achieves a remarkable reduction of 60% to 90% in residual organic nutrient loading, benefiting fish and aquatic life by minimizing ammonia and nitrate buildup and improving oxygen conditions.

Microbe-Lift technology has undergone rigorous testing and validation, ensuring its efficacy and environmental integrity. With over 1,000 successful implementations worldwide, it has effectively addressed nutrient cycling, bottom-solids reduction, water clarity, fish health, and prevention of aquatic weeds.

ELI BioScience is actively expanding the distribution and application of its technology globally. The company is committed to delivering innovative, natural, and highly effective microbial products that empower water resource managers to foster thriving and resilient aquatic ecosystems.

Press Contact: Brett Richter Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Email:

About ELI BioScience: A leading innovator in sustainable solutions for aquatic ecosystems. The company develops cutting-edge products that restore and maintain the health of ponds and lakes, promoting ecological balance and supporting the well-being of aquatic organisms. Learn more at

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