Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Unveils Revamped Pro-Pump Brand, Empowering Professional Pumpers with Advanced Microbial Accelerator Solutions

Cape Coral, FL – Ecological Labs, a pioneer in sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of the revamped Pro-Pump brand. Starting August 1, pumpers worldwide will have access to a professional-grade microbial accelerator, transforming septic systems, grease traps, drainfields, and related septic markets.

The revitalized Pro-Pump brand embodies the core values of professional pumpers, delivering reliable high horsepower and effective biological additives to “Get the Job Done.” This comprehensive product line equips pumpers with a commercial-grade maintenance suite, empowering them to combat the accumulation of Fats, Oils, Greases (FOGs), and organic matter within septic tanks.

Satisfied customers have shared their Pro-Pump success stories, with one stating, “Pro-Pump has saved over 150 of my customers’ drainfields,” while another exclaims, “There is nothing like Pro-Pump.” Drawing on his four decades of septic market experience, Doug Dent, Chief Technology Officer of Ecological Labs, confirms, “Pro-Pump delivers exceptional performance in the precise anaerobic conditions of septic tanks. It rapidly processes challenging-to-degrade substances like FOGs and organic matter, promoting optimal drainfield functionality. Our customers consistently maintain uninterrupted septic tank flow and prevent disasters through regular maintenance.” With the brand refresh, pumpers gain an enhanced ability to sell the product to end-users, creating an additional revenue stream.

Powered by a consortium of bacterial “teams” led by Rhodopseudomonas Palustris and supported by seven other microbial partners, these groundbreaking bacterial technologies excel in waste degradation within septic anaerobic environments. Pro-Pump technology enables pumpers to achieve faster and more consistent septic pump-outs while effectively maintaining new and existing drainfield systems, offering the ultimate solution for septic environments.

Barry Richter, President of Ecological Labs, expresses his enthusiasm for working with pumpers since the early 80s, stating, “This brand refresh embodies our updated formulations and reflects what pumpers rely on to successfully accomplish their tasks.”

Ecological Labs actively seeks to expand the distribution of Pro-Pump in select commercial septic markets worldwide. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to environmental challenges through the development of innovative, natural, and highly effective microbial products.

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About Ecological Laboratories, Inc.: A leading developer of sustainable solutions for environmental challenges. With a focus on innovation, Ecological specializes in the creation of effective microbial products addressing various environmental issues. Learn more at

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