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Ecological Laboratories Inc. is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures novel, proprietary, liquid microbial formulations that are capable of solving many of the most challenging environmental problems facing the world today. On its two-acre campus in Cape Coral, Florida, Ecological's state of the art research and manufacturing facility focuses its growing team of microbiologists and chemists on providing advanced, cost-effective solutions. Our team has developed superior technologies in bacteria culture selection and bio-product formulations dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of the world’s waterways and agricultural lands.

Our mode of operation and our products are unique. In a wide variety of environments spanning five continents, Ecological’s technologies have a proven track record of optimizing natural environmental processes to restore water quality and promote sustainability among a wide variety of market sectors that take restoration and remediation seriously.


In 1976, Ecological Laboratories began formulating and producing MICROBE-LIFT products, our one-of-a kind microbial consortium for use in a broad spectrum of applications in the Agricultural, Industrial and Wastewater treatment sectors. The realization of the success of our formulations, and their ability to break down organic waste, toxic pollutants and difficult to degrade matter gave way to more intense research and development. Ecological Laboratories scientists and technicians developed, over time, products that serve the consumer as well as the industrialist while focusing on the need for safe, all natural, and environmentally beneficial solutions.

Today, Ecological Laboratories products are now sold worldwide not only to Municipal, Agricultural and Industrial Wastewater managers but also to the general retail market for the treatment of ornamental ponds, aquariums, gardens and domestic septic systems. Anywhere that water and soil biology is in need of remediation, restoration and maintenance, Ecological has the solution.

Currently, Ecological Lab’s MICROBE-LIFT bio-technology products are the most sought after product for water quality, clarity and overall aquatic health. Also, Microbe LIFE Hydroponics products are changing the way home gardeners and indoor growers care for their plants!


A breakthrough in modern microbiology once thought impossible to achieve, Ecological technologies differ from other biological products in concept, microbial composition and performance. Comprised of a wide consortium of vegetative microbes that include photosynthetic bacteria, heterotrophs, chemotrophs, autotrophs and archaea in a shelf-stable liquid formulation, Ecological technologies have consistently demonstrated the capability to restore environmental processes where competitive products have failed.

Based on wide-ranging metabolic pathways and processes including aerobic, facultative, anaerobic and anoxic capabilities, Ecological technologies are designed to respond to the unique requirements of the particular ecosystem being treated. Ecological technologies provide the biological tools needed to support environments at all stages of their processes, providing different types of support depending on specific needs. No competitive technology can offer a comparable range of capabilities.

Our Philosophy

To Our Clients We value our relationship with our clients and environmental partners and consistently look for new ways to provide better support and value for those who rely on our products. We respect the knowledge and the expertise of the environmental professionals that commit themselves to optimizing the performance of all of Ecological Laboratories products while providing their services to the environmental sector.

At Ecological Laboratories, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. By providing safe, natural products we allow our customers to also be good stewards of the environment so that it will be suitable for your children and grandchildren. Unlike many other marketers of bio-technology products, we formulate our own microbial consortiums in our state of the art laboratory and factory where we produce our products under strict quality control guidelines, as well as a contamination free environment.

Ecological Laboratories is committed to providing safe one hundred percent all natural, non-toxic, non-pathogenic products that DO NOT contain any genetically modified organisms. Our sole purpose is to provide environmentally safe and sound technologies for the purpose of preserving and improving aquatic, soil and plant based environs for the benefit of generations to come.

Tour Ecological Labs

Pressurized Production Room A

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. products and technologies are backed and supported by a modern well equipped highly sophisticated R&D laboratory. It is equipped with the latest evaluation methodologies, and staffed by PhD and Masters Level Microbiologists, Chemists, and highly qualified laboratory assistance.

Laboratory equipment includes:

  • Ultra-modern Genetic Sequencing and Analysis
  • DNA Amplification
  • Real Time PCR
  • Anaerobic Chamber
  • Nucleic Acid Quantification
  • Two ELI Culture Banks
  • Essential fermenters

Supporting lab equipment such as microscopes, chemical determination units, and necessary laboratory protective hoods. Operating in a protected laboratory environment with positive air pressure, and HEPA filter recirculated air, offering a protected environment for work and R&D projects and evaluations.

Quality Assurance Laboratory

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. has established stringent quality assurance procedures for raw materials and formulation constituents, these undergo strict control processes.

Our Quality Assurance Laboratory reviews and conducts analyses of all incoming and production raw materials, essential ingredients, and formulation constituents; these materials are placed in quarantine upon entry to Ecological Laboratories facility and held until released by our QA department.

QA inspects and approves all materials released to production and retains samples of each raw material for a period of 5 years.

All formulated products during production undergo strict QA procedures throughout the production process, from initial formulation, through product completion.

Final product batch samples collected with date and lot number are held as retained samples for 5 years.

Finished Goods Warehouse

Our Florida campus occupies two acres and is made up of over 75,000 square feet of enclosed production, research & development, laboratory and warehouse facilities. This building is one of several Finished Goods warehouses on our campus and is 20,000 square feet of finished goods which will eventually be placed in one of our many retail, industrial and agricultural markets.

Grow Room

The final formulations blending and packaging stage of the technologies’ novel, unique and proprietary Multi-Stage Fermentation Processes.

This is the final step prior to the technologies completing the photosynthesis light growth; this is carried out in a clean sanitized room with positive pressure HEPA filtration for an ultra-clean controlled environment where the finished culture consortium can be further formulated, prepared and packaged prior to photosynthetic finishing in a light growth process.

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