Compost contains high levels of nutrients that are not readily bio-available. As MICROBE-LIFT® breaks down the compounds in compost, they convert the nutrients in these compounds to more usable forms. Our Microbial formulations will absorb some of the nutrients as part of their own requirements. Crops, soil, and plant life resulting from MICROBE-LIFT® treated compost are healthier, less susceptible to disease and pests, have faster growth rates and, higher yield per acre when compared with control areas.


In compost applications, MICROBE-LIFT® Technology is effective in….

  • Significantly reducing odors
  • Increasing fertilizer value
  • Improving temperature rates and stability
  • Quickly reducing cycling time
  • Increasing screening quality
  • Reducing leachate
The general goal for composting is to get the pile to ideal temperature of 60°C to 75°C (140°/F to 175°/F), which then leads to volume reduction as the organics degrade and gas-off, leaving the hard to degrade carbons and nutrients namely nitrogen eventually reaching the stage of stabilization.

Composting Layer Litter, Guatemala

  • Layer Litter composted normally in 32 days, with MICROBE-LIFT® Technology - reduced to 27 days
  • A tractor is used to aerate the litter two times per week
  • No bacteria products used in the control area
  • Bacterial Consortium is applied during aeration
  • Better Settling, Composition and Fertilizer Value
  • No Odor on Fields

After 15 Days, Temperature difference of the control versus treated compost piles indicates the performance improvement from the Control layer litter 27°C (left) versus the Treated at 38°C (right)

Treated: lower ammonia levels

Un-treated: higher ammonia levels

French Bean Post Harvest Composting, Guatemala


  • No Odor
  • No presences of flies
  • Minimal labor expense
  • Improved fertilizer value of finished product
  • Less time required to completion
Vegetable matter rotting in the field can cause odor and will attract insects. Applying MICROBE-LIFT® technology in windrow composting, our representatives conducted a trial to compost the excess plant matter in the field, applying a diluted MICROBE-LIFT® formulation. The plants were composted in situ and all of the nutrients would be returned to the soil.

Day 1

Day 7

Day 14

Ammonia Reduction with MICROBE-LIFT® Technology in Poultry Composting

Location: Experimental Farm, Honduras.


A technology-based construction firm in Honduras, contacted a distributor of Ecological Laboratories to explore technology to improve their poultry litter processing. Ecological Laboratories’ technologists devised a test protocol using MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Products conducted at an experimental poultry farm. This farm is utilized to evaluate new technology to optimize efficiency of operations for poultry farms.


The objective of this trial was to determine if this technology could:

  • Reduce ammonia to create a healthier environment for birds and workers
  • Decrease the incidence of beetle larvae in the broiler bedding
  • Accelerate the composting process and to produce higher quality fertilizer.

Results archieved:


Based on the parameters listed above, the broiler bedding trial achieved the following results MICROBE-LIFT® technology worked as expected, lowering the ammonia in the air both quantitatively and qualitatively. It significantly reduced odor noted by human perception and by air measurement showing the recommended 5ppm concentration inside the warehouse

There was a significant decrease in the amount of moisture and also a significant acceleration of the composting process. The incidence of the beetle larvae was significantly reduced; this was a secondary experiment of discovery that was tested based on previous experience reducing infestations in other applications.

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Speeds Sugar Cane Waste Composting while Producing Higher Quality Fertilizer at Sugar Plantation in Guatemala

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Provides Easier & Faster Manure Composting for Poultry Farmer in Central America

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Speeds the Breakdown of Plant Litter at a Guatemalan Banana Plantation

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Speeds Compost Processing & Reduces Odor while Producing Higher Quality Compost in Donegal, UK

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