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MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Speeds Sugar Cane Waste Composting while Producing Higher Quality Fertilizer at Sugar Plantation in Guatemala

On sugar plantations, cane waste solids called “cachaza” are produced as a by-product. This cachaza is separated from the sugar cane juice and composted for use as a fertilizer.

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Provides Easier & Faster Manure Composting for Poultry Farmer in Central America

One of the major functions of a poultry farm is the handling of manure and composting it to be utilized as fertilizer. In Central America, stabilized manure is a source of revenue as it is sold as fertilizer.

Ammonia Reduction & Reduced Beetle Larvae with MICROBE-LIFT® Technology in Poultry Composting in Honduras

Lazarus & Lazarus, a technology-based construction firm in Honduras, contacted a distributor of Ecological Laboratories to explore technology to improve their poultry litter processing. Ecological Laboratories’ technologists devised a test protocol using MICROBE-LIFT® technology conducted at an experimental poultry farm. This farm is utilized to evaluate new technology to optimize efficiency of operations for poultry farms.

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Speeds the Breakdown of Plant Litter at a Guatemalan Banana Plantation

Typical of most banana plantations, this operation left plant litter such as leaves and stalks on the floor of the banana stand in order to decompose and return nutrients to the soil to support new growth. However, it takes significant time for this litter to decompose or “compost” slowing the availability of needed nutrients.

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Speeds Compost Processing & Reduces Odor while Producing Higher Quality Compost in Donegal, UK

Situated in South Donegal, Enviro Grind is a waste recycling company that has diversified into the reprocessing of organic waste streams. Enviro Grind operates an ABP Category 3 approved in-vessel composting facility and takes in feedstock including
catering industry waste, pre and post food processing waste, fish and shellfish processing waste, some sludge material and green/garden waste.

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