We provide unmatched biotechnology to enhance farm waste management at all levels of manure containment with multiple befits for barns, pits, increased fertilizer value, odor elimination and increased crop yields.

Our MICROBE-LIFT® products are the ideal choice to improve farm waste management. With unparalleled capabilities to breakdown waste, reduce toxic gases, and improve manure handling, MICROBE-LIFT® drives down costs, increases operational efficiency, provide return on investment and support regulatory compliance.

The unique consortium of microbes in MICROBE-LIFT® combine with indigenous populations to provide a bio-system that enhances the natural elemental cycles responsible for processing manure. MICROBE-LIFT® products will reduce corrosion, pump-out time and pit solids while improving manure nutrient values and controlling odor in the barn and on application. With the additional benefit of producing higher value fertilizer containing a microbial population that improves soil biology. MICROBE-LIFT® provides added benefits by contributing to plant health and yield.

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