Ecological Laboratories’ aquaculture products represent the most environmentally compatible approach to handling common aquaculture problems. The reason for this is simple. All waste, particularly organic, must be recycled in nature order to continually replenish the critical building blocks of life.

Ecological Laboratories’ MICROBE-LIFT® aquaculture products contain a full consortium of bacteria, including aerobic, facultative, anaerobic, chemotropic and photosynthetic species and may contain enzymes and vital nutrients to accelerate natural processes. Our aquaculture products are 100% natural and are safe for humans, wildlife, aquatic life and the environment. Ecological’s products contain no GMOs.

Using our technologies shrimp farmers and fish processors will experience cleaner water while at the same time be able to recycle waste as a food source and increase yield in the growing process. Result… improved cost and operational efficiencies, and higher profits.

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