Ecological Labs and SAS TOPOR partnership will focus on Pollution Abatement utilizing next generation microbial technologies, leading to reduction of environmental cleanup costs by 75%

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. (ELI) a World-Wide Biotech Leader with 47 year’s experience addressing difficult environmental pollution issues in aquatic and soil environments, has established a partnership with SAS TOPOR Holdings Ltd. based in Calgary, AB Canada focusing on Hydrocarbon remediation. The partnership will focus on Pollution Abatement via non-chemical biological in-situ soil remediation processes targeting the recovery of thousands of hectors of contaminated farm land contaminated from prior oil and gas production processes.

Together, SAS TAPOR and ELI have initiated 4 pilot projects to remediate abandoned oil and gas leases in Alberta over the past two years with initial results showing a 67% drop in chloride and hydrocarbon contaminates in the first year utilizing land farming techniques (non-removal of soil). James Olesko of SAS TOPOR stated, “After demonstrating real-world results in field around multiple well-heads with Chloride and hydrocarbon reduction, we are excited to partner with ELI in bringing high-powered Nature’s biology to bear in the hydrocarbon remediation sector ”

More than 225,000 inactive and plugged wells in Alberta and Saskatchewan exist, with the Canadian government allocating C$1.7 billion in 2020 to clean inactive oil and gas wells. Dead and orphan wells can leave behind a range of pollutants, from chlorides to hydrocarbons, leaving the ground potentially unfit for farming and other uses. Options to remediate sites include “ripping” the top 1-2 meters of soil and hauling to a waste field which has a negative environmental impact and extremely expensive.

ELI and SAS TAPOR have developed a propitiatory method, including ELI novel microbial technology, combined with appropriate nutrient and soil moisture management; which has shown positive results over trials in 2021 and 2022 in Canada. These methods are estimated to save customers ~80% vs. traditional ripping methods and could be the first line of defense for Oil Field remediation prior to traditional and expensive methods. Per ELI CTO Doug Dent, “The steps that SAS TABOR are taking in Canada are critical for leading the market to more environmentally sustainable, efficacious and cost-effective methods for dead well sites and other hydrocarbon remediation projects.”

Please contact James Olesko ( to discuss options for your wells in both Canada and USA.

SOURCE Ecological Laboratories, Inc.

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