Microbe Life Hydroponics, produced by Ecological Laboratories, Inc. Launches TERPS PLUS, a Revolutionary Fertilizer Enhancer for Cannabis and Hemp Cultivators

Cape Coral, FL – Microbe Life Hydroponics, a leading provider of advanced plant nutrient and microbial solutions, is excited to announce the release of TERPS PLUS, a new fertilizer enhancer specially formulated to increase cannabinoid output and terpene production in cannabis and hemp plants.

TERPS PLUS is a cannabis-proven suite of technologies, which was developed for hydroponics over 4 years, custom formulated and built on technologies sold across thousands of acres of high-value specialty crops. By encouraging rapid plant nutrient uptake, TERPS PLUS promotes and optimizes plant growth, plant health, crop quality, and yield potential. The innovative solution offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Increased chlorophyll output, offering more photosynthetic energy
  2. Increased plant nutrient uptake, utilization, and delivery
  3. Increased season-long whole plant vegetative and reproductive growth
  4. Promotes plant health and stress tolerance
  5. Optimizes flowering, size, and cannabinoid concentration
  6. Increased final dry bud weight and yields of cannabinoids and terpenes

“We’re thrilled to launch TERPS PLUS to the cannabis and hemp industry,” said Brett Richter, VP of Marketing for Microbe Life Hydroponics. “Our team has designed this fertilizer enhancer to provide cultivators with a simple and effective solution for increasing cannabinoid output and terpene production with a 5x target and expected ROI. With TERPS PLUS, growers can maximize their yield potential and achieve exceptional results starting with improved Terpene profiles, aroma and flavor.”

TERPS PLUS is now available through authorized Microbe Life Hydroponics dealers and distributors. For more information, please visit www.microbelifehydro.com or contact Brett Richter at mlhsales@ecologicallabs.com

Microbe Life Hydroponics products are designed specifically for the cannabis and hemp cultivator. Their bacterial products are created to produce higher yields, improve plant vigor, reduce fertilizer needs, and work with all nutrient programs. These products are designed to work in soil, hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic, DWC, vertical farming and CEA growing environments offering flexibility to growers.


Brett Richter

Ecological Laboratories Inc.


mlhsales@ecologicallabs.com www.microbelifehydro.com

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