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Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction and Corrosion Control – Industrial/Municipal Application at Stone Container in Savannah, Georgia

The plant is tied into the municipal wastewater treatment system. The plant had been in operation for several years and complaints from the city residents and government officials had been escalating because of the extremely unpleasant odors that were being emitted by the plant. Residents living near the plant began to complain about discoloration of window blinds and shades. Many reports of headaches and sore eyes began to surface. A determination was made that the high levels of hydrogen sulfide being emitted by the plant, either directly into the air due to an inadequate air scrubber systems, or as a result of effluent discharge into the wastewater sewer system, was the major cause of the yellowing effect on the blinds and shades as well as the source for the offensive odors in the air which could be associated with the high level of reported headaches and sore eyes.

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