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Poultry Manure Composting Reduces Odor in Central America

One of the major functions of a poultry farm is the handling of manure and composting it to be utilized as fertilizer. In Central America, stabilized manure is a source of revenue as it is sold as fertilizer

Ammonia Reduction & Reduced Beetle Larvae with MICROBE-LIFT® Technology in Poultry Composting in Honduras

Lazarus & Lazarus, a technology-based construction firm in Honduras, contacted a distributor of Ecological Laboratories to explore technology to improve their poultry litter processing. Ecological Laboratories’ technologists devised a test protocol using MICROBE-LIFT® technology conducted at an experimental poultry farm. This farm is utilized to evaluate new technology to optimize efficiency of operations for poultry farms.

Syrian Poultry Farm Increases Profits by 34% with MICROBE-LIFT® Technology

The idea of using MICROBE-LIFT® in poultry production was encouraged by fact that many international manufacturers of veterinarian products have recently introduced feed additives containing various forms of live bacteria. These probiotic products, which usually contain a short list of non-beneficial remaining after the food moves down the digestive track. As the bacteria contained in MICROBE-LIFT® play the same role when used on the solid surfaces (walls, pipes, floors, etc.) of stables, barns and food processing plants, it was logical to think that the non-pathological bacteria consortium in our products would be worth studying in this capacity.

Bledsoe Poultry Farm Achieves Ammonia Reduction in Bledsoe, TN

Jim Bledsoe operates several grow houses for chickens. As in other poultry operations, ammonia is a concern that needs to be addressed. Jim had used every product he found on the market that claimed to provide ammonia removal, including market leaders such as All Clear and PLT, but had not achieved the ammonia control desired.

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