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An Excellent Angelfish Protocol Is Improved in Germany with MICROBE-LIFT® Technology

Stephan is a well known high end breeder of freshwater Angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare, in Germany with over 35 years experience.

Lab Test Validating Increased Viability in Fish Transport in Singapore

Exporters and trans-shippers of ornamental fish have always faced the problem of maintaining fish health and well being as fish are shipped around the globe in plastic bags.

Sea Bass Trial, Singapore Shows Increased Fry Survival for 100% Increase in Profitability in Singapore

Marine Life Aquaculture Pte. Ltd. (MLA) is a high tech food fish hatchery located in Pasir Ris, Singapore. The company’s core business consists of the hatching and breeding of sea bass, thread fin, grouper, and other fish fry for commercial aquaculture farms in Singapore and surrounding countries.

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