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Sanctuary Housing Development Utilizes MICROBE-LIFT® Technology on Seven Lakes in Jacksonville, FL

After a dramatically successful remediation of a pond in their upscale housing development using MICROBE-LIFT® technology, the management of this development chose to treat all the lakes within its borders.

Bioremediation of Occom Pond at Dartmouth College Clears Water in NH

Pine Park is a ninety‐acre forest of 125‐year-old pine trees at Dartmouth College. This park begins at the north end of campus,
along the edge of the Hanover Country Club golf course, and extends along the Connecticut River from Ledyard Canoe Club northward. The trees were saved from the Diamond Match Company in 1900 by local residents who later turned the land over to the College and to the Town of Hanover.

MICROBE-LIFT® Restores Retention Pond at South Point Office Park in Jacksonville, FL

This 12-acre office park in Florida was designed with a one-acre pond at its bottom edge for water retention. However, as the surrounding areas were maintained with fertilizers and pesticides the pond became filled with surface scum creating a very unattractive eyesore. The primary points of pollution were run-off from fertilizer applied by the lawn care company, grass clippings from the lawn maintenance company, storm water from the parking lot, and debris from surrounding trees. The pond had been previously treated by a different company with chemical algaecide and blue dye to remediate algae but this treatment was not effective long-term.

Lee County Health Park in Fort Meyers, FL Restores Pond Ecosystem with MICROBE-LIFT® Technology

Health Park is a well-respected health facility in Fort Myers, FL that includes a scenic pond on the grounds.
When this 1.5-acre oval pond became unbalanced, they needed a plan to return it to a healthy state. This 6-foot deep pond showed signs of excessive nutrient loading from lawn fertilizer run-off and the water was becoming turbid. An accumulation of bottom solids and algal blooms indicated inadequate microbiological degradation or “cleansing”.

MICROBE-LIFT® Technology Restores Health and Balance to a Pond Ecosystem at South Seas Resort on Captiva Island, FL

South Seas is a family resort and wildlife sanctuary that promotes adventure and relaxation. All amenities are designed to take full advantage of the beauty of the existing landscape.

MICROBE-LIFT® Restores a Natural Refuge for an Upscale Neighborhood in Doylestown, PA

Appian Way is a beautiful community of upscale homes in Buck County. This development maintains a common area of nine acres and a one-acre pond.
In 2004, the property manager experienced a problem with ugly mat surface blooms on the pond. In addition, sludge was building up with the development of 1½ to 2 feet of bottom solids, and the fish were not visible due to the turbidity of the water. They had experienced fish kills due to lack of oxygen in the water.

Private Equestrian Park Uses MICROBE-LIFT® to Restore Two Ponds in St. John’s County in FL

The design of this privately held, large equestrian park included 3 acre, 1 acre, and 0.5 acre ponds. These ponds became polluted from high levels of organics and inorganics from the surrounding environment, as well as fertilizer run-off from its use on surrounding grass and other landscape features. Eutrophic conditions had developed and there was no longer aquatic life in the ponds.

MICROBE-LIFT® Restores Pond at Housing Development in Bowling Green, Ohio

This development includes a water retention pond in a scenic, restful area. Unfortunately this pond became overloaded with algae, building scum on the surface and greatly distracting from its beauty.

MICROBE-LIFT® Revives Pond at the Sanctuary Housing Development in Jacksonville, FL

Sanctuary housing area was developed in the early 1990’s along the inter-coastal waterway. This development had a 2-acre pond surrounded by homes that are 10 to 15 feet away from the edge of the pond and pollution was a problem. At this point there was active construction on the last phase of the housing development. They had experienced 3 fish kills between August 2004 and March 2007.

MICROBE-LIFT® Restores Beauty to a Popular Municipal Pond in Huntington, NY

Heckscher Park is located on Main Street in Huntington, NY, a pleasant town on Long Island close to New York City. This park is a popular recreation site for community enjoyment with its attractive, landscaped walking paths around a beautiful pond.

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