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Introducing PIT PERFECT, the next-generation manure management solution for your farming needs. This liquid formula harnesses the power of natural bacteria to rapidly break down waste. PIT PERFECT effectively reduces odors, simplifying waste management and creating a more pleasant environment. Its liquid form makes it easy to use, transforming waste into a valuable soil enhancer that promotes crop growth. With PIT PERFECT, transform waste into a valuable asset, enriching your soil and boosting crop productivity. Adopt a cleaner, greener approach to farming with PIT PERFECT.

With PIT PERFECT you’re transforming the productivity and efficiency of your entire farm operation. Here is why:

Unparalleled Waste Degradation

Pit and Lagoon Waste Liquefaction: PIT PERFECT turns the toughest waste challenges into liquid assets, ensuring smooth, efficient waste management with every use.

Eliminates Surface and Bottom Solids: Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with solid waste layers. PIT PERFECT cuts down on the need for constant agitation and reduces pumping issues, saving you time and energy.

Dramatically Cut Agitation Costs: Experience up to a 90% reduction in agitation expenses, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective manure management practices.

Boost Your Storage Space: Reclaim up to 34% of your storage capacity in the first year alone, enabling better utilization of your existing infrastructure.

Enhanced Fertilizer Efficiency:

Optimize Fertilizer Use: Increase the nutrient availability and yield value of your manure by 18% with more consistent distribution across loads, leading to higher crop yields and better soil health. Ensure every load from your pit maintains the same high-quality consistency with PIT PERFECT.

Maximized Nutrient Retention: Lock in crucial nutrients with PIT PERFECT. By fixing nitrogen and reducing runoff, your manure becomes a powerhouse of sustainable fertility, enriching your land without wasting resources.

Boosted Crop Yields: Watch your yields soar as PIT PERFECT enhances soil fertility, leading to stronger, healthier crops and greater harvests.

Revolutionary Odor Elimination:

Enhance Livestock Well-being: Improve conversion rates by 5% while reducing mortality by up to 10%, contributing to healthier livestock and increased productivity.

Odor Reduction: Experience a significant reduction in odors and harmful gases like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia with PIT PERFECT, leading to a safer and more pleasant farming atmosphere.


Exceptional Return on Investment: Embrace the power of PIT PERFECT and witness a remarkable transformation in your farm’s financial health. With a proven 2 to 1 return on initial year investments and an even more impressive 3 to 1 return based on maintenance costs. Invest smart, choose PIT PERFECT to turn your manure management into a powerhouse of profit.

Make a switch with PIT PERFECT to smarter manure handling with a solution that’s crafted for real farm challenges.




5 gallon Tote


Case of 4-gallon containers

Tackle the everyday challenges of farm waste management with PIT PERFECT. This 100% natural, safe, and powerful solution addresses the environmental hurdles associated with manure pits and lagoons, employing a specialized blend of nonpathogenic bacteria. Combined with a dynamic consortium of microorganisms and rich humic compounds, PIT PERFECT facilitates the rapid enzymatic decomposition of solids built up during long-term storage. Enhance your farm’s efficiency, safety, and environmental harmony with PIT PERFECT, ensuring your operations are not just maintained, but significantly improved.


5 gallon Tote


Case of 4-gallon containers

Embrace the organic way with PIT PERFECT Organic, the ideal solution for farms committed to organic standards. This variant provides all the robust benefits of the original PIT PERFECT but is specially certified for use in organic agriculture. PIT PERFECT Organic uses a blend of natural, nonpathogenic bacteria along with a unique mixture of microorganisms and humic substances, promoting faster breakdown of stubborn manure solids without compromising your farm’s organic integrity. Ensure your organic farm remains compliant while maximizing manure management efficiency and environmental sustainability with PIT PERFECT Organic.

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For Odor Control

Take control of unwanted smells with PIT PERFECT®. Mix 1 part of Pit Perfect with 20 parts non-chlorinated water and spray the diluted solution over pens and other areas affected by manure odor using a backpack sprayer or a motorized water pump. Reduce odors and enhance the air quality around your farm

Pit Application Instructions

Pour PIT PERFECT® at the manure pond’s inlet for effective treatment. The dosing rate should be adjusted based on the size and estimated capacity of your manure containment, ensuring precise and effective waste management.

Application Rates

Size (in gals.)1st App.Next 4 weeksMonthly
10,000 -20,0003 gal2 qts3 qts
50,000 – 100,0005 gal1 gal1 gal
100,001 – 300,0007 gal1 gal2 gal
300,001 – 600,0008 gal2 gal3 gal
600,001 – 1 million12 gal4 gal4 gal
>1 million20 gal5 gal6 gal

Lagoon Application Instructions

For effective treatment of lagoon systems, apply Pit Perfect® at a rate of 10 gallons for every million gallons of lagoon capacity. Examples of dosing rates based on lagoon sizes:

For a 2,000,000-gallon lagoon, use a 20-gallon inoculation of Pit Perfect®.
For a 3,000,000-gallon lagoon, use a 30-gallon inoculation of Pit Perfect®.
For a 4,000,000-gallon lagoon, use a 40-gallon inoculation of Pit Perfect®.

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